We are a small volunteer run charity.  All of the dogs in our care are looked after in foster homes until they are ready to find their forever homes. We have extensive experience of this wonderful breed and specialise in helping nervous dogs. We only work with positive trainers and behaviourists and have a wonderful team of caring veterinary professionals to help look after our dogs.

As part of our mission, MSRI provides charitable and educational services by:

- Ensuring that every dog that comes into our care is assessed and cared for in a foster home until they are rehomed.

- Providing the veterinary care that each dog requires. All dogs are neutered, vaccinated,microchipped and wormed.

- Making sure that all our foster providers are trained and matching the dog to the most suitable foster home. 

- Making the very best match when dogs are looking for forever homes, the dogs will always be our priority. 

- Providing support to all new owners for the life of their adopted dog. 

- Educating potential and current Miniature Schnauzer owners about breed characteristics

- Giving guidance on proper care and nutrition, health issues, training, and behaviour.

- Educating all Miniature Schnauzer owners on the need for screening for PRA, Congenital and Hereditary Cataracts.