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Data protection notice

We process personal data in relation to our work in rescuing, fostering and rehoming Miniature Schnauzers. This notice sets out how we process your data and helps you to understand your rights over that data.

Who we are :

We are Miniature Schnauzer Rescue Ireland, a non-profit registered charity operating in Ireland with registered charity number 20106256 CHY 21751.

Getting in touch:

If you have any further questions on how your data is processed or if you want to exercise any of your rights under data protection, please contact us on:

● Email:

● Facebook: Miniature Schnauzer Rescue Ireland

How we process your data:

We process personal data in relation to our donors who help our work through financial donations which cover our costs for running the rescue, feeding, veterinary care and any other care necessary for successful rehoming of our rescued dogs.

We record name, address, contact telephone and email addresses of our donors along with the details of their donation. We do not record any financial details, such as bank account or payment card details, of our donors. All financial details are captured and processed by Paypal whose service we use to accept donations.

We process personal data in relation to people who have agreed to foster our rescued dogs. We capture their name, address and telephone number in order to support them through the fostering process. We keep these details on file so that fosterers may be contacted to temporarily home future rescue dogs.

We process personal data in relation to people who have offered to home our rescued dogs

in order to have full and complete records of our placement of the animals.

We capture this information on paper forms or forms on our website.We also receive queries through our website from members of the public. We capture your name, email address, contact number and query and use this to make follow-up contact with you.

We will retain these records for a maximum of 15 years, after which we will remove them from the system. We will remove your details from our donor, fosterer or homing lists if you

request that we do so. We will securely destroy paper forms after 15 years.

Sharing your data:

We do not share your data with any third party unless specifically requested by you to facilitate rehoming a dog.

Your rights:

You have the right to know whether we process  your personal data.

You have the right to be provided with a detailed description of the processing that we carry out as well as a copy  of that data.

You have the right to ask us to rectify  the data we have on file where it is incorrect.

You have the right to ask us to erase your data from our contact lists for donors, fosterers and homing contacts.

You have the right to request that we restrict processing your data as a donor, fosterer or homing contact for a temporary period. This may be where you are unable to act as a fosterer for a period of time.

You have the right to object to our processing of your personal data. This may be where you wish to be removed from donor, fosterer or homing lists as you are unable to participate in this way any more.

We do not perform any profiling on the personal data of our donors, fosterers or homing Contacts.

Right to complain:

If you feel that your data protection rights have not been appropriately served, you have the right to complain to the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner (ODPC) Details on how to contact the ODPC are available

or by phone to Phone +353 (0761) 104 800 | LoCall 1890 25 22 31.